First Fair Fury

The First Craft Fair is furiously approaching and it seems that there just isn’t enough time to get everything ready… I will explain…

I have been getting ready for my First Ever selling event – YEY! If you would like to come and see my stall feel free to visit the Wellfield Junior School at their Spectacular Summer Fair. More details in the calendar HERE.

I am bringing along loads of luscious teddy bears and will also be selling my patterns there and the TO DO list seems to be getting longer, not shorter as i finish one thing and come up with three more to do on completion of the first one… This never-ending spiral of ideas that is whirling in my mind and the very unfair thought to physical manifestation ratio resulted in many a silent screams this week. Hmmm, if i could only remember the advice i used to give to people when they confided in me with similar quandaries…. What was it again… You can only make what you can make…. Easily said than done, i can definitely see how those are just words… 🙂

Anyhow, after a little organizing and planning, everything is back on track. I have been planning on writing patterns for letters, but these will have to wait a little longer… So please bear with me on those… They will hopefully be worth the wait…

I have however, uploaded a new video for a basic granny square and a RAVELRY pattern to go with it…

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