The First Update!!

How Exciting!!!

The first ever news post for The Creative Hook…. better get cracking…. 🙂

The Creative Hook is still a little baby company and therefore still in the process of letting people know who i am and what i do…

The major part of my work recently has been marketing… Website re-design, leaflets, you tube videos, online pattern stores, workshop venues and such like. I am not going to bore you with the process, nor am i going to overload this post with links, you can see all the relevant information on various pages of

One of the main exciting things is that Crochet has arrived in Timperley…. What i mean by that is that i am setting up a regular, once a week meeting group for budding crocheters. I am thinking Friday night for meeting up in a local venue – i will confirm the venue in due course, and spend a few hours locally with friendly faces, crochet, chat and a cup of coolant (drinks choice of course depending on the weather, the venue, and naturally on personal preference).

Keep your eyes peeled and follow me on social media of your choice to be in the know and once i have the details confirmed, i will be sending out a newsletter update, to which you can sign-up on the right hand side.

Another thing that happened recently was that i have finished two Memteds specially ordered for someone in memory of an uncle who has passed away recently. The teddies you can see on the page have been created out of the uncle’s old clothes.. It is such a special present, and a meaningful one for that, that i decided to show a photo of these lovelies here also…. They turned out well and the recipient was overjoyed with them, which was the main thing, but in the process, i have also discovered other ways of making teds for stock, and am looking forward to experimenting with these later on… so… WATCH THIS SPACE…. And remember, CONTACT ME if you would like to commission a Memory Bear for yourself!!

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memteds cs 210514




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